4 May

The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance is pleased to announce the first release of the WVU+kc electronic research administration system for the submission of IRB documents. WVU+kc is now immediately available for the submission of new Not Human Subject Research (NHSR) protocols only. Training is required in order to access the system and can be completed independently or through remote 1-on-1 sessions with the Office of Research and Integrity Compliance. Specific instructions for completing training and requesting access can be found on the WVU+kc website at http://kuali.wvu.edu/wp-content/uploads/QRG12-NHSR-Submission-Training.pdf. After reviewing all applicable training videos and downloadable handouts, access to the system can be requested via an online form.

For more information about the WVU+kc system, visit the project website at http://kuali.wvu.edu. For updates regarding training and future protocol submission release dates, sign up for the ORIC listserv or follow the project on Facebook, G+, or Twitter.